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The Secretary 
KDA Officers Club
Employee ID  Membership No     CNIC No :  Status Date :
Name    S/o, W/o, D/o   
Designation :     Date of Entry as Officer in KDA :  Tel. No. (W) : 
Date of Birth :     Tel. No. (R)  Cell No :  
Permanent Address :  
Mailing Address :  
Games of interest :  
Member of the other Clubs in Pakistan :
Blood Group  Driving Licence :   
I agree to pay the following payments :
1. Initial Membership Fee (excluding games fee)                                     
Rs. 3000/-
Rs. 1200/-
Rs...... 25/-
 2. Membership subscriptions for the current year @ Rs.100/- p.m.            
3. KDAOC ID Card Fee                                                                       
4. Membership Form Fee                                                                     
I hereby agreee that as a Member of KDAOC, I willl abide and observe the rule, regulations & Bye Laws of the Club as enacted time to time. If, I fail to do so , my Membership shall be Suspended/Cancelled.
Declaration from other Members :
We, the undersigned Members, recommend the applicant for  Membership of the KDAOC & to the best of our knowledge, the above particulars are  correct  and the applicant is personally known to us and  in our opinion is fit for Membership of the Club.
Name & Membership No   (Signed)  ________________(Proposer)
Name & Membership No   (Signed) ________________(Proposer)    
Additional Information
Name of Spouse(s) :  
Name :  Age :    Years     Name : Age : Years
Name :  Age :    Years     Name : Age : Years
Name :  Age :    Years     Name : Age : Years
Name :  Age :    Years     Name : Age : Years
Attachment :  1. Coloured Photographs ( Passport Size) 5 Nos.  2. Copy of CNIC 3. Copy of Service Card   4.Copy of Medical Book
  5. Copy of appointment letter (BPS-16) and promotion letter (BPS-16)   6. Copy of Pay Slip.  7. Copy of Pay Fixation.
Signature of Applicant
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